What Is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. We all go in and out of trance often. If you have ever been watching a TV programme, zoned out and lost track of the plot, then you were in a trance. If you do repetitive tasks, like ironing or washing up for example, you may let your mind wander and experience a light trance state. Daydreaming is a form of trance – and it’s in that daydream state that we often get our best ideas and make breakthroughs in our understanding.

Hypnotherapists work with clients using this trance state to access their unconscious mind and to bypass the conscious mind. The unconscious mind is much cleverer and more powerful than the conscious mind. It is where our emotions, memories, attitudes and creativity lie. Rather than in the conscious mind, the unconscious is where our behaviour is forged, where we make our big decisions.

By working in trance, clients can be helped by their hypnotherapist to change their mind. They can be helped to think more positively, to come to terms with old hurts, to build self-esteem and improve their sense of well-being.

Hypnotic trance is deeply relaxing and so is a significant aid to managing stress and relieving people of the symptoms of stress.
Hypnosis helps people to help themselves with: weight management, stopping smoking, losings fears, hang-ups, anxieties and phobias, improving relationships at home and at work, easier childbirth, pain management and issues that cannot be sorted logically by the conscious mind, but require the creative power of the unconscious mind to resolve.
Learn ‘real’ Hypnosis with Joseph Clough and become a certified Hypnotherapist.

Joseph is known worldwide when it comes to Hypnosis and making powerful changes with people. He has been featured in almost all national newspapers and even has featured on ITV1s Tonight show.
Now you have a unique opportunity to learn what Joseph does to help his clients so you can become a Hypnotherapist and do what he does or if you are already a Hypnotherapist you can add to your skillset with this Certified Hypnotherapy Training Course over 5 days. 

With over Many ‘Hypnotherapists’ feel it takes a long 20 minute plus to induce trance and require many sessions to help someone. Joseph is different, he beliefs it takes one or two sessions, he also believes Hypnosis does not take 20mins to induce... or even minutes it can take just seconds..

Why not learn from Joseph who Hypnotizes and help people on a daily basis?

A Teacher who not only do the talk but do the walk too. 21st Century Hypnosis at its best.

What You Will Learn:
  • Instant and rapid inductions
  • Establish unconscious communication
  • Create magical changes with yourself and others
  • Transform your health, relationships and career
  • Use language with ultimate precision
  • Develop powerful beliefs, mindsets and behaviors
  • Feel absolute fulfillment having transformed others and yourselfEven Cooler Feature - Amazing Thing #2
  • And So Much More...
Accreditation by The ABNLP, Time Line Therapy Association, American Board Of NLP and the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and Joseph Clough Trainings.

Our NLP Practitioner courses are more than just a learning experience- they're the beginning of a life journey.
Your Trainer
  • Certified Trainer of the Art & Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy™
  • Hypnotist and Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer of Hypnosis
Inspirational and International Trainer Joseph Clough's goal in life is to help each person achieve their full potential.

He combines advanced techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy. 

Due to his excellent reputation, Joseph has become highly in demand and has worked with many celebrity clients.

He is a living example of how NLP can transform your life and help you achieve your goals, and is committed to sharing this knowledge with you.

Joseph became a master Hypnotist at the young age of 18 and has vastly expanded his knowledge over the years since.

About Our Methods
Anyone one can teach techniques, techniques simply do not work by themselves.

You won't just learn the techniques of NLP with us, our intention is for you to 'get these learnings and the processes in your muscle'. In that way you become competent and natural and more importantly enjoy your life.
There is, for some, a minimum curriculum for NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis courses and that’s what so many only teach. If you, like us, want the most from a training that’s why we give so much more than that. With our unique style and skills we know you will learn so much more and be able to use it naturally.
  • Excel your personal and professional growth
  • Learn tools that will transform the way you communicate
  • Develop ways of improving your habits and behaviors
  • Have a learning experience which taps into your uniqueness
  • Find new paths to success in all areas of your life
  • Grow your awareness and understanding of yourself
  • Release your conditioning from your past
  • Let go of limiting patterns of situations and behaviors
  • Understand and know how to manage your emotions
  • Grow yourself worth and confidence
  • Experience more happiness and freedom in your life
  • Enhance and transform your relationships, health and career
So What Makes Us So Different?
Firstly, we have a unique bond and intention to create the most positive and inspiring learning experience for you. We use the tools of NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis as well as our own technologies in all our teaching to ensure you get what you want from our trainings. Every training adapted to achieve the goals of each attendee.

We simply love what we do and thrive on training people far beyond their expectations and many times beyond ours. Not teaching techniques but tools you have and use ‘in the muscle’ - Joe & Paul

As well as being Certified Trainers of NLP, Time Lime Therapy and Hypnosis we both are working therapists, personal and business coaches... in short we both talk the talk and walk the walk every day.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our trainings can possibly be the most important investment you'll ever make to achieve personal growth and to truly excel in all areas of your life.

We want you to be absolutely sure about your enrollment, that's why we offer you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile so that you can have the tools to achieve all your outcomes.

Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee from trainers who not only train but are active therapists everyday - if you're not happy, we will refund you in full. It is truly 100% risk- free. 
There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.
Don’t just take our word for it, read our testimonials.
"The best thing I've ever done in all my life, thank you for helping me find myself & discover my potential and also my purpose. What a fun way to learn & become complete & share with the world." Thank you!!" 
Sony J 
(Jakarta, Indonesia)
"A truly life changing experience. Thank you. If you want to learn how to help people, whilst changing your life, this training is for you without doubt" 
Jason D 
"A personal voyage of discovery. Where you are able to access that place inside you that enables you to find your personal potential. The course enabled me to complete my voyage and gave me the inner strength to continue on to complete my full potential." 
David M 
(Therapist - Australia)
"This is the best thing I have ever done in my life, it was taught well, amazing learning's, I recommend this Course to everyone who wants to feel empowered in their life to be at 'Cause' and to achieve what they want to do. I can't wait to go on Master Practitioner."
John Hanson 
"There is a Golden Thread that runs through all the success in our lives. Mostly we are unable to articulate why those success happen. Joseph is fast-paced, illuminating, entertaining and FUN course identifies that thread, enabling you to string all of life's experiences, aspirations and goals on to it. More importantly it provides the tools to ensure your future and those of others in your life will be on that Golden Thread too. The simplicity is astonishing. The effectiveness is profound. This course WILL change your life for the better. Just as important..... it will change the way you see your past."
Martyn Gilbert 
(Chairman Cambridge)
"I defy anyone to spend a week with Joseph on the NLP Practitioner and not to change the way they live. The empowering techniques are to be taught how to work really positively with people. Make the investment, really worthwhile. Whether your personal beliefs or previous learnings, you will move your thinking"
- Mike 
(Manager, local authority)

"Fantastic Course! Joseph made it so easy to learn and understand. I now have a wonderful skills set to take with me through life, to help myself and others. Invaluable. Thank you and well done Joseph"
- Jessica C.D 
(Silver End, Braintree)
"Joseph is completely authentic and have given their all to this training. I have learnt so much it is unbelievable. The training has given me skills and insights that will ripple into all parts of my life." 
Marian B 
"Great course, thoroughly engrossing and professionally delivered. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to make big changes in their life." 
Jane L 
(HR manager - Cambridge)
"I came on this course as a refresher and have taken even more away the second time, well structured - I will take away many more learning’s. Joseph and Paul were very friendly and taught in a very comforting manner. Recommended for anyone in NLP, Hypnosis, TLT and learning about themselves."
Kevin B 

"A mind and life changing experience. Joseph and the team have delivered a life changing high quality integral programme of training that has helped me to reset all my goals and life expectations. The best investment, best course I've been on in the last 10yrs! Thanks"
- Jim Thomas 
(Training Manager)
"The NLP Practitioner Course was one of the best courses I've attended I left empowered to start my own business and change the lives of others. Joseph is a powerful communicator and had a positive impact on my life. A fantastic training courses with a wonderful group of people"
- Chanelle J 
(Work Life Consultant, Team Leader, United States Air Force)
"I have had one of the best experiences in my life on this course. I have learned so much and I am definitely going to go on more courses run by Prime Directives. Joseph & Paul were excellent trainers and I cant wait to attend the next course. It has changed my outlook on life and it will do for many others." 
Marie Geoghan 
"A 'Must Do' Course for Life, whether you want to do this for earnings or for self-improvement, NLP is your first step. Joseph is living proof of what this Course is and what it will do for you professionally and internal"
- Chris L. 
(Director RAF)
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